Scholarships / Financial Aid

Undergraduate students seeking scholarships or financial aid are encouraged to contact the Office of Financial Aid at the University of Arkansas and the University of Arkansas Academic Scholarship Office. Information about College of Education and Health Professions scholarships can be found on the COEHP Scholarships web page. Undergraduate students seeking admission to an Honors Program need to contact the college's Honors Program.

To receive a graduate assistantship, a student must be accepted by the University of Arkansas Graduate School and be admitted to an HHPR graduate program. Graduate assistantship stipends vary in amounts depending on work assignments, but all include a waiver of in-state and out-of-state tuition. Stipends range between $10,270 and $13,190. The priority deadline date for submitting an application for a graduate assistantship is Jan. 15.

Additional funding is available for qualified doctoral students in terms of fellowships. Doctoral graduate assistants who qualify as Doctoral Academy Fellows receive $23,190/year plus tuition and Distinguished Doctoral Fellows receive $33,190/year plus tuition. Minimum qualifications for fellowships are (1) Doctoral Academy-GRE of 300 on combined verbal/quantitative portions, GRE writing score of 5.0, graduate GPA of 3.65; (2) Distinguished Doctoral-GRE of 308 on combined verbal/quantitative portions, GRE writing score of 5.5, graduate GPA 3.85. Fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis.

For more information, contact Professor Paul Calleja. Address inquiries to 306C HPER Building, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72701. Contact Dr. Calleja at 479-575-2854, or fax 479-575-5778.

Note: Qualified minority applicants may apply for a Benjamin Lever Fellowship which provides tuition assistance.