Sexuality Education & Consent Studies

About the Sexuality Education & Consent Studies Lab

The Sexuality Education & Consent Studies (SECS) Lab is a student-centered, research team focused on conducting cutting-edge research in sexual health. The lab consist of undergraduate and graduate students working collaboratively on projects. Undergraduate students are mentored by master and doctoral students in the research process and how to design a project from the ground up. The research team strives to conduct progressive, applied sexual health research consistent with the sexual health objectives established by leading public health entities. Some areas of research that occur in the SECS Lab are consent/sexual communication, sexual satisfaction, sexual assault, LGBTQIA sexual experiences and abortion attitudes.


  • To conduct high-quality research focused on sexuality and sexual health and well-being
  • To inform and develop effective public health interventions and policies through empirical research
  • To facilitate research training to future sexual health scholars

Undergraduate and Graduate students

University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR, 72701